Oh Jeremy Corbyn


You may hear people singing Oh Jeremy Corbyn at music festivals and in the streets, but there are songs about him to. Join me for a Bizarre journey into Jeremy Corbyn pop songs (yes there is such a thing, despite what the guardian may tell you)

Arguably a 500/1 candidate (during the fist labour leadership election in 2015) needs some rallying cries to motivate the crowds, Long before 7 Nation army (arguably appropriate for bringing the diverse countries that make up the United kingdom together)  was appropriated by some guy in the street (Guardian) Gary Duncan, brought us Jez we Can (Before ‘Oh Jeremy corbyn’ was settled on there were many competing slogans tried out)

As we all know Jeremy corbyn pulled off a shock win, and to go with it a marked rise in songs about the once and future prime minister, Many of them exist on bandcamp, many more on youtube, and I guess some of them are sung in the streets.

In a traditional vean, taking a politicians word and adding music too them , Half Bam Half Whisky, has us covered, taking Jeremy’s corbyn’s glastonbury speech and producing this, its about as close to Corbyn dropping some beats until he goes all Bernie Sanders on us and cuts his own record.

Moving on, Martin Weller and Barnaby Griffin, take on Jeremy Corbyn’s record (and since he wont cut one) “At question time you hear the peoples’ voice”….

But Taking on a more adversarial procal (and one that would be used at the dispatch box…. )


Now some people dont like Corbyn and this not just his backbenchers, many thought he was doomed, Red and Buried, under a UKIP tory alliance chiding the country to the right for all eternity

This could be worse, he could be ted cruz ,  sadly it gets worse a lot worse:

You probably want the mind bleach after that, to erase it from your mind, (as much of as Theresa may wants you to forget this) Sadly I dont have any, (and if you want more of that, you can eat a hamster!)

But Maybe you can get this little ditty suck in your head instead?

So We End where we stayed with a guy making songs in their bedroom, and it ends with Corbyn bringing the Left back  (not sure what that says about diversity. Have I missed any, know of any, have you got a song yourself? Tell me in the comments below, and who know maybe we will have enough for a second post before the next General election.

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