Reading: The Circle (Eggers, Dave)


The Film above (and the book ) are both pretty faithful to eachother

I First read this book in the wake of the Snowden leaks in 2004, discovering it via the guardian article (Forget Orwell and Huxley – Dave Eggers has seen the future) and its about some perty heavy things, like how social media is making us complicent in our own surveillance (and the book has only become more true with facebook CEO  Mark Zuckerberg wanting to run for elected office)

The Main point of the book is, that A) the internet gives us a false sense of connection with others (and its something I think we all suffer from)      B) We are so guarding of our privacy, because privacy allows us to be who we are, but we make who we are public, is that not also us, and by hiding that are we not lying to others? Its a main plank of the book and its quite powerful, but it takes a dark turn, because with evryone watching us, how can we be who we are? (Take that NSA) 

The book ends on the dark note, of the all seeing organisation, that we have all joined up too (which is probably why I try and use FACEBOOK less than I did before I read this) and shows how that can go wrong for all of us. (because in the end a society that is seen and wahced by everyone, enforcing their internal and external cultural norms on one anothers is one that can never change or evolve. The book cleverly uses a line about how no one would be scared to come out (LGBT) if everything was open, its god because evryone would be afraid to come out about everything if everything was open as no one would want to break a cultural norm, and thus we would all be closed)

The Circle is an evolution of classics like 1984 and Brave New world, just re-imposed on our society, and although that can be a lazy and popular trope, it works really well here, Just because you can see the roots of something in something  else (i’m looking at ‘WE’ by Yevgeny Zamyatin here) doesn’t mean it cant stand up and fight for itself.


Links to Other books: (CANCER WARD ~  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn )

‘If only living in a hovel was my only problem!’ she said. ‘The trouble is, my boy’s growing up, he’s clever and he asks about everything. How ought I to bring him up? Should I burden him with the whole truth? The truth’s enough to sink a grown man, isn’t it? It’s enough to break your ribs. Or should I hide the truth and bring him to terms with life? Is that the right way? What would his father say? And would I succeed? After all, the boy’s got eyes of his own, he can see.’ ‘Burden him with the truth!’ declared Oleg



Surviving another X-day

So another X-day has come and gone, and the Saucers have passed us by, or just not bothered to show up yet.

When does Belief end, when should you get off your ass, quit your job and build your own escape vessel?

I say the time is NOW!

With the world in a state of flux, its time to dispose of your short term personal saviour and swim the ocean to a new rock.


Are you still Pink to Bob? Become an ordained minister now and secure your place amongst the chosen when the end time come.

Book Reviews: Post 1: When the Levee Breaks

When the Levee Breaks by Cynewulf
Daring Do (Dec 20120)

Another piece of her childhood vanished, and in its place sat the impoverished present.

This is one of the stories that breaks out of the FanFiction subgenre and could be read by anyone and you could find a moet of resonance about the beauty of the past and how you can never go back.                                 It was written before Daring do became ‘real’ and not are-colored projection of a bed bound Rainbow Dash, and It hasn’t hurt the story that Daring Do is now real because the heart of the story could be lent to any Hero, or indeed any person returning home to deal with their past, and find its a barren wasteland of forgotten hopes and dreams. ★★★★★


The new world order

What the Pine video and you have said is all true and correct, but its not exactly new, its just been ignored by well to be a cliche about it ‘the liberal elite’ and to get all blunt for the Kinds out there, the SJW and gamergate should have be a warning to you all too. Shouting down the debate has  gotten now of you anywhere, it has actually taken us backwards, what has been mistuck for progress was in fact the silence of the silent majority. (to be fair to the Tumblr / safe space kids, what other avenue did that have, when your hurting and being persecuted, its easier to shout and lash out,

you’re not getting any help form the leadership of the country, all you get is equal marriage and political correctness and itr helps in the same way a No Fly zone helped over iraq. Everyone has been failed by the political establishment that was thinking it was helping everyone with its free trade)

There were alternatives, but like political correctness suppressed the people, the media and the tools of the establishment shut them down too,  people like Bernie Sanders, people like Jeremy corbyn et al. When these alternatives were suppressed we should not be surprised when it all results in trump and brexit. When people have nothing else to vote for why wont they vote for the trotskyists burn it all down option? Why Not? People know it’s not going top get better, whoever they vote for (you think Obama made it better?

Have you seen whats going on both within and outside of the USA? Did Blair make it better? These were the people described as our saviour and they made it worse, not that is the story that is force feed you on the TV). People has the option to burn the system down or more of the same and of course they chose to burn it down. Its like when people get depressed and stuff they work against their immediate best interests because that’s all you can think of. (and I do this to myself all the time. I guess we all do in some way. But this basis of human behavior is dismissed by people who have done political degrees as a trotskyist fallacy, because people and markets are rational and always work / vote in the own rational best interests (when has this ever  happened?) amoxicillin tablets online.

What’s the option though? I think its the Rommney quote, people vote for something when you offer them something (ya think), and people vote against others when they don’t feel they are getting a fair deal, that’s why ‘hate’ increases when schools are shutting but they see the single mom down the road still getting benefits, they will hate her and not the people who caused it, people will vote tory or trump to bring everyone down to the same level (because a rising economic tide does not rise all boats).

Leaders need to get out there and offer people a narrative, not the fake narrative of obama, we know where that has lead, but look at what sanders said, compare Angela Merkel’s response to trump’s victory to the response of Teresa may, which one’s better? Which one offers more hope?

And its not about sitting on facebook our twitter, (with the greatest respect to Anthony) Shitposting the opposite point of view to annoy people, that’s just trolling and as bad as the people in their safe spaces and no fly zones. We need to get out there and talk with each other, knock on your neighbor’s door, volunteer at a food bank, go to the open day or christmas fair in your community , be part of your community and communicate with others. The internet and our money has allowed all of us to live in safe bubbles of warm and comfort and shout of those who are different and disagree. Go to talk to them.  Its not on the internet or in teh mida that things will change, its not the mogul control of the tv that is to blame, all this can be subverted by being part of your community with your fellow man.

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